Monday, 21 November 2011

I spy...

Meet Max. Max is a Ragdoll cat and totally lives up to the breed name. He is soft and fluffy, sweet natured and prefect for cuddling, which he adores. He has one of the loudest purrs I have ever heard! Another trait of the breed is the colour of their eyes. They are blue, like deep pools of cool water you could just dive into. Gorgeous.

Sunday, 13 November 2011


Meet Henry. He is a bouncy little Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever puppy and he is mine. How could I resist taking some photos of such a little cutie?

I bought him home when he was just nine weeks old. He was a little bundle of fluff who just wanted to chew my foot and missed his brothers greatly. He is about 23 weeks old now and has settled into his 'new pack'. He is clever, quick, playful, naughty, funny, stubborn and eager. He loves peanut butter and sausages (even both together!) and walks. He gets way over excited when he meets new people and dogs and my cats think of him as that great annoying lump in the house, though he is actually very good with them even if he does always want to play when they don't.

Having pets myself I understand that they are part of the family. Pet portraits are one of my passions and photos of a beloved family pet make great gifts. I'll leave you with just one more photo of Henry, for now, but I am sure you will see more of him here as he grows up to be a handsome boy.