Sunday, 25 March 2012

Purple Door

When I am taking a photograph I am always on the look out for interesting shapes and lines and of course, colour and tone. This purple door was screaming to be used as a photographic backdrop and the light in the small courtyard was perfect with a large building opposite the door cutting out the glaring top light of the sun. I really like how the red of the bricks and dog fur compliment each other and then the purple door acts as a darker contrast and frames the dog well. I've had some great feedback about this photo on Facebook too which is great, besides who can resist such a sweet face as Henry's?

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Mist again.

I always have a camera of some sort on me. As a photographer I never switch off and I never know when I will see a great picture that I want to capture. So, when I took my dog for a walk this last weekend I took my Fujifilm X10 with me. It's lighter and more portable than my Canon 5D and lenses and so I often grab it when I go out.

The beach was thick with mist rolling in from the sea in a different sort of lazy wave. Though there seemed to be quite a few people around from the number of cars in the car park, the beach seemed empty as you could not see far into the distance. Every now and again some people and their dog would emerge from the mist like ghostly figures and disappear again as they passed by.  The mist did not deter my little retriever from his favourite game of fetch and I couldn't help but capture a few shots of him running around in the mist, an indistinct little shadow enjoying himself.

I'm very pleased with this particular photograph and gave it a vintage feel to exaggerate the mistiness. I'm currently working on a fine art collection and I am thinking of adding this one to it. What do you think?