Thursday, 28 April 2011

Tiptoe Through the Bluebells

 The main reason I take photographs is that I love doing it. Plain and simple. I enjoy capturing that moment in time before it is gone forever. I enjoy producing something that is beautiful to look at and that others will enjoy as well as myself. I like the creative process, from deciding on the subject, or location and how it will look, through to choosing the correct kit, taking the photo and uploading it to the computer for post processing. 

 With Easter out of the way and some time to myself I decided to take a trip to the woods and photograph the bluebells. The Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire is home to some of the finest bluebell woods and this year they adorned the forest floor in abundance, stretching as far as the eye could see, into the trees. I found and followed a narrow path through the flowers and happily strolled and snapped away the afternoon.There was not another soul in sight and so I just had the birds and squirrels for company.

I always take along a waterproof backed blanket on trips like these. I have learnt from experience that my penchant for getting down low, often on my tummy, can get me a little mucky and often damp. It was while I was getting low for one of the shots that I found my ankle being assaulted by a wood ant. Apparently I was on it's route and it was letting me know. I quickly retreated before more rushed to it's cause!

I chose to use my 17-40mm wide angle lens for these shots and used minimal post processing afterwards as I like to get things right in camera as much as possible. Hope you like the three photos I have shared here. There are more on my Facebook Page. Just search for 'Imaginography' and why not like the page while you're there too? Thanks! : )

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Smile : )

It's important for a photographer to have a sense of humour I think. It helps us cope with the unexpected and to laugh about it later. Eventually! It's also a vital tool for getting on with clients and helping to create a rapport which is vital for great natural looking photography. A sense of humour can help them relax, make them smile at the right moment, or laugh if your jokes really are that good, (or bad!). It's part of the skills mix that photographers need, especially if they work with people.

It's also important that clients get a sense of who a photographer is as a person and not just the standard of their work. I have many friends who have been disappointed with their choice of wedding photographer because they felt they were intrusive on the day. One friend remarked that their photographer didn't smile once and that they didn't feel relaxed at all. You can tell from their photos too. They look tense. A couple booking their wedding photographer will want someone with them on their day who they can relate to. They are entrusting a virtual stranger to capture their memories. A little humour goes a long way to helping make sure that these are happy ones. There are limits though, no-one wants a comedy act behind the camera (well most, someone might!) so leave the Fez at home!

Anyway, Happy Easter. I thought the little animated video was apt for this weekend. I'm a big fan of Simon's Cat, being a cat owner myself and a little sense of humour helps there sometimes too! Hope you have a lovely Easter.

Thursday, 21 April 2011


Welcome to the world of Imaginography! 

I am a photographer based in the UK and have set up this blog as a way to showcase some of my photographs, provide sneak peeks of shoots I have done and to chronicle my thoughts and feelings on this adventures into photography ~ hence the name of the blog. Come with me on my adventures as I build my photography business and hopefully, bring a few smiles to some faces along the way. 

For now, the photo I have used as my background (for now) is of a lovely model called Stina. You can see her on the Lynx adverts : ) 

Thanks for dropping by and do come back and visit. It would be great to see you here : )