Thursday, 21 April 2011


Welcome to the world of Imaginography! 

I am a photographer based in the UK and have set up this blog as a way to showcase some of my photographs, provide sneak peeks of shoots I have done and to chronicle my thoughts and feelings on this adventures into photography ~ hence the name of the blog. Come with me on my adventures as I build my photography business and hopefully, bring a few smiles to some faces along the way. 

For now, the photo I have used as my background (for now) is of a lovely model called Stina. You can see her on the Lynx adverts : ) 

Thanks for dropping by and do come back and visit. It would be great to see you here : )


  1. Good to see this :-)
    I look forward to seeing your future work!


  2. Yeah, look forward to seeing more of your work and an insight into your world. Rob

  3. This is great. I love that blogs can be posted into FB feed/alerts now. It's easier than remembering to check them! I'm thinking of doing this too, but I have to create a list to post to, so not everyone in my life can see it.

    Feedback.... gorgeous photo. Love the glass (?) background. :)

  4. Great blog hun, can't wait to watch it develop & update~super pic too
    Eclipse Wedding Photography

  5. Well...there was no lag time, at all...! BRAVA, my dear! I look forward to seeing ALL the wonderful photography I know you will show us!

  6. Wishing you every success with this. Your initial work is already looking great!

  7. Thanks everyone. I do hope you'll all be regular visitors here :)

    Shephard - It was a vinyl facing on the side of a building.

    Rob - There will be many insights into my world, both photographic and some that may be more about me :)


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