Sunday, 24 April 2011

Smile : )

It's important for a photographer to have a sense of humour I think. It helps us cope with the unexpected and to laugh about it later. Eventually! It's also a vital tool for getting on with clients and helping to create a rapport which is vital for great natural looking photography. A sense of humour can help them relax, make them smile at the right moment, or laugh if your jokes really are that good, (or bad!). It's part of the skills mix that photographers need, especially if they work with people.

It's also important that clients get a sense of who a photographer is as a person and not just the standard of their work. I have many friends who have been disappointed with their choice of wedding photographer because they felt they were intrusive on the day. One friend remarked that their photographer didn't smile once and that they didn't feel relaxed at all. You can tell from their photos too. They look tense. A couple booking their wedding photographer will want someone with them on their day who they can relate to. They are entrusting a virtual stranger to capture their memories. A little humour goes a long way to helping make sure that these are happy ones. There are limits though, no-one wants a comedy act behind the camera (well most, someone might!) so leave the Fez at home!

Anyway, Happy Easter. I thought the little animated video was apt for this weekend. I'm a big fan of Simon's Cat, being a cat owner myself and a little sense of humour helps there sometimes too! Hope you have a lovely Easter.


  1. LOVE Simon's Cat series. :)

    Our photographer was humorless too. lol
    But our only real complaint with our wedding photographer is that neither she nor her assitant took ANY photos of our food/dinner... luckily, I took photos at the tasting meal.

    ~S :)

  2. Hi Shephard. That is such a shame! I love capturing the little details and I know how much planning goes into a wedding so it's important to capture it IMHO. I would've loved to have photographed your big day :)

  3. its the details that can make the album when it comes to capturing someones wedding, of course there are all the other shots, but to make them all join together and show the whole day, the little details make the day!! Great blog and loved reading it, i firmly believe that humour is a must and the attitude that your there for their day and to make it easier for everyone to captured in a relaxed and stunning style! Rob

  4. We love Simon's Cat! Hadn't seen this one yet, so thanks for sharing.

    I don't think our photographer had much of a sense of humor, either. Over all i'm pleased with his shots. In retrospect, i'm sorry that we didn't do a couple more formal shots. We asked him to do mostly candids - and he did a wonderful job with those. But the only reason that we have a group shot with my family is that my sister asked for it. When it was all over and done, i realized that we don't have any with my husband's family, and i'm sorry for that. I wish i had more of the people that were attending, too, but i thought that my table cameras would take care of that. They did not.

    Love your pics. You do a great job. :)

  5. Hi Kathryn. Group photos are so important and I always advise people to have a few important ones. They provide a great record of who was there (and a laugh at the fashions in later years!) and provide a nice bit of variety if the other photos are mostly reportage.

    Glad you enjoyed Simon's Cat - it's one for my faves :) Thanks for visiting!


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