Sunday, 15 January 2012


 Meet Sam. Sammy is a Ragdoll cat and brother to Max who was featured in an earlier post. Where Max is totally laid back Sam is more highly strung. He knows what he wants and is not afraid to badger me for it. He is also not backward about letting me know if I have upset him in someway. Saying all that he is an absolutely adorable little fellow who answers me and comes when he is called, meets me at the door when I come home and enthusiastically gives me 'high fives', 'low fives' and 'ten' for treats.

His fur is as soft as it looks and his eyes, like his brothers, are like deep blue pools of water. He loves being groomed and will often honour me with mutual grooming (like having my hand gently stroked with damp, warm sandpaper). He loves toys with feathers and having rolled up sweet papers thrown for him to play with, where they quickly get batted under the sofa.

I love photographing animals and so it is natural that I would capture some fabulous photos of my own pets too. I must admit, that I am always pleased to be commissioned for pet portraits as I love meeting other people's pets and swapping stories.

Friday, 6 January 2012


When I was first given a camera as a kid of about 11 or 12 years old, I was told not to take photos into the sun. Now I do it often and I must admit, digital photography helps you do this successfully as you can check the exposure and results immediately. Taking photos into the sun is useful for portraits as your subject is not squinting because the sun is their eyes (it's behind them!) and it can also give a great halo effect from back lighting them. Sometimes though, I just like to use the flare effect from the sun on the camera lens as part of the photograph. The rainbow effect can really add to an otherwise ordinary scene.

During the last snow I set off with my camera to capture some snowy scenes. I was walking through a wooded area and turned to see this scene (click on it to see it larger):

I was struck by the effect of the sun shining through the snowy branches and before I knew what I was doing I had raised my camera to my eye and was taking the photo. No filters were used and the star shaped flare of the sun is exactly as I saw it on the day. It has become one of my favourite captures. 

Monday, 2 January 2012

Let it Snow...

I love the snow. It makes everything so beautiful and brings with it a peaceful hush, except for the crunching of your feet as you walk. It is therefore a great disappointment to me, that thus far it has been an elusive commodity in these parts of the UK. There was not a White Christmas here but actually rather a grey and damp one, which also made it tricky to get out and about with my camera in tow. The cold I can cope with (even when my fingers get so cold I can't feel them anymore as they did when I took these photos of snowy scenes), but my camera and I detest the wet.

These photos were taken in December 2010, in Tintern, South Wales. I got there early before the snow on the branches and twigs could thaw and it looked like a winter wonderland. I was a very happy bunny, especially as there was a cosy hostelry nearby where I got a hot drink and sat near a real fire to thaw my fingers! I am still hoping for snow this winter but in the meantime I hope you had a wonderful Christmas / Holidays and wish you all  the very best for the New Year.