Friday, 6 January 2012


When I was first given a camera as a kid of about 11 or 12 years old, I was told not to take photos into the sun. Now I do it often and I must admit, digital photography helps you do this successfully as you can check the exposure and results immediately. Taking photos into the sun is useful for portraits as your subject is not squinting because the sun is their eyes (it's behind them!) and it can also give a great halo effect from back lighting them. Sometimes though, I just like to use the flare effect from the sun on the camera lens as part of the photograph. The rainbow effect can really add to an otherwise ordinary scene.

During the last snow I set off with my camera to capture some snowy scenes. I was walking through a wooded area and turned to see this scene (click on it to see it larger):

I was struck by the effect of the sun shining through the snowy branches and before I knew what I was doing I had raised my camera to my eye and was taking the photo. No filters were used and the star shaped flare of the sun is exactly as I saw it on the day. It has become one of my favourite captures. 


  1. Lovely, my dear....! I agree with you...Sometimes those 'rays' just make the picture, don't they?
    And thanks so much for your visit and your sweet supportive words....What a terrible time this is....! I know it will get better, But....
    Well, you know and understand....

  2. Lovely picture and I agree with you about the effect = you can almost could the glass elements in the lens.

    Sometimes I'll spot a scene where flare can really work and then play around with the effect.

  3. Thank you Naomi. I do understand very much. It is devastating to lose a companion. Sending you strength.

    Thanks Rashbre :) Playing with the effects is sometimes half of the fun!

  4. Lovely.

    I love shooting into the sun through trees, though my results have not been as nice.


  5. You can capture some wonderful sunsets by shotting into the sun too :)

  6. Thanks Randall :)

    Very true Nikki-Ann. I have done this too and got some fab shots :)

  7. Thanks for coming by and your sweet comment...I wish I had MORE of the playful Videos...He was so very cute! I'm glad you have some pictures and video's of Bob....I jave lots of pictures of Monney, but no Video.....


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