Monday, 29 August 2011


Sometimes I get asked to do a photo shoot which is fun with a capital 'F". I was recently asked to photograph a young girl with a big personality and bags and bags of energy. I travelled to a little seaside town called Weston-Super-Mare for a shoot by the sea. The day was overcast but warm and so I suggested we went down to the sea front and found some great spots to take photographs.

 Like most children, this little girl had so much energy and so it soon became clear that standing still and posing was not an option. She was always on the move and so I set up some scenarios to shoot as I wanted to capture her personality. The first shot was taken with the pier in the background and I just love the way she is swinging on the railings, and the second shot was taken on some decking by the sea front. I asked the girl to do some star jumps for me and to make them BIG. She did a fabulous job of them I think!

She was a complete natural in front of the camera and loved having her photo taken which made her a real joy to photograph. The shot above was taken during an unguarded moment when she was laughing with her mum (out of shot to the camera's left). I did take a few that were more posed but this one was my favourite of these  - there is real fun in her expression I think. When we stopped for refreshments I discovered where she got her energy - chocolate cake of course!

I think it is really important to keep any portrait shoot fun and relaxed and so I have always favoured the lifestyle shoots on location, but this little girl made it so easy. We had a blast hanging out by the seaside.

Saturday, 6 August 2011


I come from a background in theatre where I worked in stage management and lighting so I have heard the saying "Never work with children or animals' often enough. So I should know better right? Fact is that I am an animal lover though. I grew up surrounded by various animals and have my own small menagerie, so it is only natural that I love to photograph animals.

Our pets are part of our family and so I offer pet portraits at Imaginography. Recently I had the pleasure of photographing Dori, an extremely affectionate and bouncy spaniel. The shoot was outdoors at a spot where Dori often enjoys her walks with her owners. It took a few attempts as Dori was more keen on exploring everything going on than posing for the camera, but I got some nice portrait shots of her, relaxing beneath a tree. Every few seconds though it was too much for her and she would have to come and see the camera, or her owners. The most important piece of kit to have in your bag when shooting animals (apart from the camera!) is patience. We were certainly rewarded with some adorable photos!