Saturday, 6 August 2011


I come from a background in theatre where I worked in stage management and lighting so I have heard the saying "Never work with children or animals' often enough. So I should know better right? Fact is that I am an animal lover though. I grew up surrounded by various animals and have my own small menagerie, so it is only natural that I love to photograph animals.

Our pets are part of our family and so I offer pet portraits at Imaginography. Recently I had the pleasure of photographing Dori, an extremely affectionate and bouncy spaniel. The shoot was outdoors at a spot where Dori often enjoys her walks with her owners. It took a few attempts as Dori was more keen on exploring everything going on than posing for the camera, but I got some nice portrait shots of her, relaxing beneath a tree. Every few seconds though it was too much for her and she would have to come and see the camera, or her owners. The most important piece of kit to have in your bag when shooting animals (apart from the camera!) is patience. We were certainly rewarded with some adorable photos!


  1. I would think the second most important thing to have with you might be some "treats"
    WONDERFUL Shots of 'Dori'.....Photigraphing a dog is challenging, isn't it?

  2. Great stuff, as always, dear.

    I trust all is well.


  3. Old Lady: Thanks :) The owners didn't want to give treats so good ole patience was key - especially as Dori wanted to come and investigate the camera and me!

    R Sherman: Than you :) I will pop by and visit your blog soon!


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