Sunday, 1 May 2011

Weddings Past: Liz & Jake ~ 1st May 2010

These photos were taken at the wedding of Liz and Jake in 2010. It was a fairly small and intimate ceremony with family and close friends present to help the happy couple celebrate. I thoroughly enjoyed shooting this wedding, from the bride's preparations (even helping her dress!) right through to the ceilidh and hog roast. The bride and groom were obviously happy and their joy in their day was palpable. It was a fun and relaxed day and this is what I aimed to capture in the wedding photographs.

The weather man had threatened rain but luckily, just as for Prince William and Kate Middleton recently, it didn't rain on their parade and the day stayed dry. I was therefore able to capture them leaving the venue on the red carpet and guests were free to mingle outside drinking rum punch while I took the group photographs.

My style for weddings is relaxed and informal, mixing reportage, candid, detail and formal group photos. I always recommend a few group shots as it's a good record of who was there to look back on, and shows clearly the coming together of two families. I think it's important to get these photos done quickly and with humour though, so that they don't impinge on the day and guests don't become bored!

Happy Anniversary Liz and Jake. May the road continue to rise to meet you on your journey together and I look forward to taking photos of baby Freya!


  1. Too bad you weren't available 23 years ago. The guy to did our wedding --back in the paleolithic of film-- managed to double expose most of the shots. I think our wedding album consists of five photos.


    Fortunately, the success of our marriage has been inversely proportional to the quality of the wedding photos.


  2. Thankfully that kind of mistake is a thing of the past with digital cameras Randall. What a shame for you both though.

  3. We didn't have official photos taken of our wedding - I always think of stiff and awkward wedding pics when I think of weddings, but you probably would've been perfect. ;p

  4. I saw the photos you had on your wedding day and they were still fab - relaxed and informal like your day :) My approach is definitely stiff and formal. I think if you keep it fun and relaxed then the bride and groom relaxed and look more like themselves. More emotion comes through too and that is what I like to capture :)

  5. LOVE these photographs, My Dear....It is great fun to see what you have been doing with your wonderful talent...! These are fun and formal, too...To me, a perfect balance for the Happy Couple to have forever as a true rememberance of their special day! So happy I can comment here....HOORAY!!!

  6. west of mars,
    nice to meet you, great photography blog. good luck

  7. Naomi - Thanks for your lovely comment :)

    Shaeeza - Thanks and welcome to the blog :)

  8. Hi I'm from west of mars. Loved looking at the photographs. It is wonderful that you remember this couple on their anniversary.


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