Monday, 16 May 2011

Down town

Part of being a good photographer is to recognise that there is always something to learn. There is always a new technique or a different way to do something that adds to your overall skill as a photographer. Last year I decided to book myself on a course with Damian Lovegrove, a well respected photographer and trainer in the UK ( on the Urban Portraits workshop which was held in Bristol.

 We all met at the start of the day in a coffee shop before hitting the streets of Bristol with our lovely model Stina. Damien demonstrated his approach to taking portraits in an urban setting using natural light and off camera flash. The photos from the shoot that I have chosen to share here are all using natural light and were shot on a Canon 50D using a 70-200mm f2.8 or 24-105 f4 lens. (I will share some more photos from the shoot that used flash in a later post).

Workshops like this are great for brushing up on skills or trying new things in a safe environment. It was great looking at the urban landscape and searching out locations that would make good photos. All the things I picked up that day were added to the skills I bring with me when I do a portrait shoot for a client, whether it be for couples, kids, families or a photo of someone special. It's the only way to keep developing as a photographer and to produce a great looking set of photos for the client.

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  1. Sounds like it was a great course. The last photography course I went on was a few years ago now... It was on Black & White photography and I loved the experience of developing and printing my own balck & white prints.

  2. I'm a died in the wool digital convert, though I do all my own post processing. This wasn't a course as there was no set learning - just a set of like minded photographers all wanting to shoot with a more experienced and successful photographer and pick their brains. These workshop are also great for swapping tips with fellow photographers. Typically, Damien would point out places he would shoot and explain why, he would even post the model but we were free to shoot how we wished and pose the model also. Great experience! :)

  3. Pretty girl. You captured her well, I think.


  4. Wow. Nice shots there - you've captured her well. Must be nice to have a professional model to take photos of, rather than having like, umm a 6 year old who'll pose with her tongue out.

  5. the model is gorgeous
    and so are your photos
    I love the subtle shadows in the last shot

  6. Thanks, Randall, Melody and Dianne :)

    Stina was a fantastic model to work with and this was at the start of what seems to be a promising career for her :)


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