Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Castle shoot

My preferred style for portraits is informal and natural and so I mostly like to shoot outdoors using natural light rather than stick to the confines of a studio setting. Of course, the downside to this is that I am not in control of the light and sometimes it can be very changeable! On this particular day the sun was quite strong, causing all sorts of shadows through the trees, but then clouds would cover it and the bright light would vanish in an instant.  The upside though, is that I can photograph clients in cool locations.

These two shoots were taken recently for a writer and the location of a ruined castle was perfect for them. My favourite is the first photograph as I love how the stone changes from the moss and lichen encrusted green and black to the red stone further up the tower. Finding the hole in the wall where the stones had been taken or fallen away was fantastic and just perfect for the shot. It actually made a great place to stand as there was the remains of an old spiral staircase which had obviously been built into the wall at a later date when the castle was further fortified.


  1. That wall on the castle is beautiful!

  2. The commissions keep rolling in. Before long, you'll be using your MBA to keep track of your own money and not someone other person's.


  3. I'm liking your transition into commissions and you seem to be finding some cool locations too. Interesting to also hear the back story of the commission...what genre etc.

  4. The stones look like steps leading to nowhere :) Loving the shots!

  5. I loved those two shots! So much is happening on the wall of that castle and yet, the man stands out! He is as solid and imposing as that incredible castle. Beautiful photo's my dear.....! via email from Naomi.

  6. Melody - It is a beautiful castle and must have looked magnificent in it's time.

    Randall - I hope so!

    Rashbre - This shoot screamed for a cool location :) I also used Chepstow Castle and will post some from there soon.

    Nikki-ann - I suspect they did one and were buried in the wall during renovations at some point.

    Naomi - I wanted the portraits to be set in an environment and s it was important to have a striking setting, but still have the author as the main subject. I'm happy I achieved this!


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