Sunday, 12 June 2011

Beauty on the Wing

I am incredibly lucky to live relatively close to three Bird of Prey & Falconry centres. I adore Birds of Prey and think they are incredibly beautiful to look at and watch in flight. I visit these centres fairly often and of course, my camera is always with me. I thought you might enjoy seeing some of my most recent photographs from recent trips to The International Birds of Prey Centre ( in Gloucestershire and the Cotswold Birds of Prey Centre ( near Moreton-in-the-Marsh. Both are excellent centres, committed to the well being of these birds and their conservation.

On both trips I used my EF 70-200mm f2.8 L IS USM lens. I find that it is a perfect lens for photographing birds that are perching or being handles as you don;t have to get too close and risk spooking them and it is also great with a x1.4 converter for capturing the birds in flight. I must admit a 400mm (or larger) would be preferable sometimes for catching the birds as they fly but if you watch and catch the moment I have found the focal length I work with to be fine, especially if you know where to position yourself so you can catch the birds as they come into land or catch their 'prey'. Check out the photo of the vulture in flight (above) to see my point.

Other than kit, I recommend patience which is a must when photographing all animals. Try and watch the subject for a while to see how it behaves. I like to try and capture aspects of their behaviour too and it is important to check your shutter speed if you want to try and freeze the motion, however, a little wing blur in flight can give the impression of movement. Take care though to ensure the bird's eyes and head are completely in focus unless you want to blur the whole image in an 'artistic' manner.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these images and that they might inspire you to go and visit a Birds of Prey centre near to you and take some of your own photos. Remember to always be respect of the birds though as some of the birds can be highly strung. If a bird seems upset, move away until it settles down.

To get the best shots, talk to the staff and ask where is best to stand for the flying displays, but make sure you do not get in the way of the birds flight. I love photographing these amazing birds and I'm planning my next trip back to the ICBP already.


  1. OMG - as much as those birds seriously freak me out, your photos are stunning! Well done you.

  2. I LOVE the Birds in the third and fourth picture---And I think ALL the photographs are FANTASTIC! Beautiful photography my dear....!

  3. Wow, wonderful shots!

    I keep meaning to go to the Red Kite Farm near here to see the Kites feeding.

  4. Awesome photos. I expect to see one of your spreads in National Geographic shortly.


  5. Thanks so much, my dear B-K, for the lovely Birthday Wishes...! It means a lot to me. And I look gorward to getting a package from you---so very dear of you to send me something! I will let you know when it comes.
    GREAT to see these stunning pictures, once again...!

  6. the photos are amazing!
    their eyes are incredible
    I adore owls most of all

  7. Some fantastic photographs there. Are you planning on making any of them available as prints or posters?

  8. Melody - thank you. The birds are even more stunning in real life but probably not best if they freak you out!

    OOLOTH - Thank you. As an artist your positive comments are much appreciated!

    Nikki-Ann - If you get there I look forward to seeing your pics!

    Randall - Fingers crossed!

    Dianne - Thanks. I always think owls have a quiet dignity about them :)

    Michael - Thanks. Anyone can contact me and order a photo as a print though I am looking to launch a range of fine art prints soon.


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