Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Life's a Beach

This photo was taken on a recent visit to a nearby sandy beach which is popular with dog walkers. Henry, my puppy (featured in an earlier post) loves, loves, LOVES going there and running along the wet sand - even on a cold winter's day. It was the first place he was allowed to run 'off lead' and he loves sniffing at the seaweed washed up on the tide.

The beach was cold and on this day and there was a freezing wind coming in off the sea, so fellow dog walkers were wrapped up warm. Even so, the wind blew straight through to the bones. I took a few photographs until my fingers became numb. I loved this one of man and dog enjoying some quality time together. I used my favourite technique of shooting into the sun to capture some lens flare and throw the subjects into slight silhouette with just a tad of detail.


  1. LOVE that shot! And it sounds like such a perfect place to take ones doggie....!

    I'm finding the loss of Sweetie so very very painful.....In some ways---it is getting worse, not better. I think the "reality" of it----I just miss him so very very much. I know you understand.

  2. the silhouette is made even more wonderful because the man is wearing a hat
    I love the beach at winter

  3. Beautiful :) I haven't been to the seaside for a quite a while now.

  4. It's fabulous place Naomi as it's a long wide beach and there is no main road nearby so you can safely let your dog run off the lead.

    Me too Dianne :)

    Thanks Nikki-Ann. I love the sea, it always makes me feel calm.

  5. The beach and ocean are wonderful any time of year, maybe better in Winter when fewer people clutter up the view.


  6. I like it when the beach is more or less deserted Randall. Just me, the dog, and the sounds of the waves breaking on the shore and the seagulls overhead. Just wish it was a little warmer! :)

  7. Shooting into the sun was always taboo, if you wanted a good picture. However, these days, all that has changed and many of the old rules just don't apply any more.

    Your perfect shot just goes to prove that a little 'poetic licence' is always the best policy.

    I too love the coast at any time of the year, much more so than the countryside if I am perfectly honest. Listening to the waves and watching them come rolling in towards shore, must be one of the most relaxing things I know of.

    1. Thanks Yvonne. The sound of the waves is very restful and I always feel at peace by the sea.


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