Sunday, 22 April 2012


Meet Dizzy. Diz is an albino Leopard Gecko who seemed to enjoy posing for her portrait. I am happy to do portrait session of any pets, not just the conventional cute and fluffie's (though I love taking their photos). Leopard geckos are very docile and Diz is hand tame so taking her photograph was a breeze. The colours you see in the photo are true as albino Leopard geckos are yellow and pink. I think she is an extremely pretty little lady, with just a little bit of the Queen Victoria attitude about her as you can see from the way she is looking at the camera as if to say 'I am not amused'.

This photo was awarded Bronze last year in an International photo competition run by The Societies, a body of professional photographers that I am a member of. I was pretty pleased with that.


  1. Hello Dizzy, you should be a logo.

  2. Lizards are great pets. I had an Australian Dragon for a while which was marvelous fun and a real conversation starter in my office.


  3. I'm glad you added the 'not amused' quote because as soon as I saw this I was thinking 'caption competition'!

    I also love the colours and the way the picture flows into the background.

  4. Brava on your win!
    well done
    I love Dizzy
    beautiful portrait


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